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3 Plus Educational Equipment are specialist educational and recreational equipment manufactures in Melbourne Victoria, Australia. Established in 1975 we have gained a reputation for quality and service and have become industry leaders in the design and manufacturing of educational and recreational equipment in Australia.

Our versatility and flexibility of production enables us to produce products specifically for a purpose. Talk to us today about your requirements, and how we may be able to manufacture to your needs.

Kindergartens, Preschool, Day Care Centres, Toy Libriarys, Childcare Centres.
Nursing Homes, Hostels, Retirement Villages, Leisure & Lifstyle programs, Diversional Therapy programs.
Primary Schools, Gym Programmes, Disability Centres, Special Development Schools (SDS).
Disability Centres, Hospitals, Therapy Programmes, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Special Development Schools (SDS), Motor Skills.










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